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    If you're in Creston, Crawford Bay, Kimberley or Calgary you can find Out Beyond Handmade Pottery - feel the feel, see the product in person!

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Why add Vintage?

I LOVE vintage pottery and glassware. I gain so much inspiration from the form, colors and longevity that a great vintage piece exudes. I want to inspire you to mix and match contemporary artist's, like me, with your grandma's china or that amazing, super weird piece from the 70's that you remember from childhood. I enjoy mixing vintage with all things in my life - my furniture, wardrobe, recipe book... in case you haven't noticed, it's all coming around again... enjoy it. I offer you a curated selection of vintage pottery and glassware, mostly for fun but it's still so functional. Have a browse... you might see the past with new eyes!

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You can follow more of the story here in our blog. I share insights, process, things I think about.

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    Artist Statement

    My work is functional first, enhanced by the beauty of glazes based on chemistry. I care very much how well something works- how balanced the handle, the right volume of liquid or food, the right weight when full to lift it. I want the user to enjoy, be inspired and enlivened by using a beautiful object in everyday life. To me it is what makes life more - more fun, more full, more cool, more meaningful… I make each piece, every time with intention. No two will be the same, non-identical, unique.

    Made with Love.

    I care how much coffee a mug holds and the way the handle feels. How it feels against my lips and how long the coffee stays at the right temperature. It matters so much, you wouldn't believe how much time I spend making that right!